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Hey! This is a quick beware on Paimon Prowler. (aka AuraTwilight)

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Paimon is accused by around 20 people of emotional and hypno-abuse. He also plays with minors and has likely lied about his age.

The specific abuse activities he’s been engaging in are:

  • Manipulating people emotionally, especially when they try to leave.
  • Violating negotiated boundaries during hypnosis sessions.
  • Isolating people from their friends and partners, then trying to replace those friends and partners with himself.
  • Encouraging subs to regard him as a god, defend him at all costs, recruit their friends, and go after people who leave. (cult-like behavior)
  • Extremely unsafe play involving alters, violence, and conversion therapy.

He’s also made a bunch of consistent claims that appear to be lies, as part of building his harem or running damage control.

  • Claiming that subs solicited play which was actually his idea.
  • Claiming that he doesn’t recruit, while actively recruiting.
  • Claiming that he vets his members, then inviting a neo-Nazi to his group.
  • Claiming that subs who say they deleted their logs with him, or subs claiming he deleted their logs, are lying.
  • Faking numerous disabilities to guilt people into play.
  • Claiming to be a relationship counselor, a trauma counselor, and a special-ed instructor.
  • Claiming that he was the deity of a cult in Japan which sexually abused him as a child.

He’s also deleted evidence of his bad behavior, especially play with minors. And he’s solicited subs to delete evidence for him.

My sources

I ran several public twitter threads on Paimon. Two Paimon subs responded publicly to my threads. (Vensolin and Dak)

I also contacted the mods of the Dronification telegram group that banned Paimon in November 2019 and received extensive logs from them.

I interviewed a lot of former Paimon subs and asked them to direct me to friends of theirs who were also Paimon subs.

Vylraz retweeted my threads, making them visible. He also sent me logs from his experience.

I used Google to find interactions between Paimon and potential subs for things like recruiting on FA.

My standard of evidence

The document made by the Dronification telegram group was organized by-person. To make it harder to identify which person is making which accusation, I’ve organized this document by accusation instead. Some people are identified by request.

I generally only include an accusation if at least two of these three conditions are met:

  • The accuser will put their name on the accusation.
  • The accuser has logs of the accused behavior.
  • The accuser can provide a detailed description of the behavior.

I want this because I want it to be very clear what happened. The answers to questions like “did you consent to this?” should be “obviously, no” and it should be possible for readers to follow up.

In some cases I’ve rephrased messages in quotation marks to remove people’s names.

In cases where multiple people accused Paimon of the same thing, I mix and match. Not every sub wanted me to use their logs. Even though a double-digit number of Paimon subs wrote in, most of the logs linked in this document are from about seven different people.

A short chronology of Paimon Prowler

The earliest anyone I spoke to claims to have spoken to Paimon is 15 years ago. They said he was already doing substantially the same thing he is doing now.

Paimon’s first FurAffinity upload is twelve years old. He had his current character, but he hadn’t started doing the Greaserfurs schtick at this time.

The Greaserfurs group on FurAffinity is eight years old.

In November 2019, Paimon got banned from the Dronification telegram group and they wrote a report on his play. Dronification sent this report to the Hypnofurs telegram group, where he was banned shortly after.

Paimon’s age is unclear but probably at least 30. One of Paimon’s subs says Paimon told them in 2020 that he was 30. They saw his face and they think he looks older than that.

Another of Paimon’s subs, who Paimon first played with as a minor, claims they had no idea Paimon was that old.

Paimon’s friendcircle

Paimon’s subs are typically furries with pompadours who refer to themselves as “greasuh thugs,” “greasuh dawgs” or just “greasuhs.”

There are a lot of greaser furries, but “greasuh” furries are a Paimon thing. Chain and lock emoji are a Paimon profile play thing, but not exclusively his.

Paimon’s enforcers are Jackknife and Harley. They message his subs with abuse after they leave, especially Harley.

Paimon subs for DarkWitt occasionally, referring to him as “master” in some logs, and they have been friends for a long time.

Some alternate usernames of people involved:

  • Paimon Prowler / AuraTwilight
  • Harley / HalcyonHeartbeat
  • Jackknife

Paimon’s pattern

Here’s a summary of Paimon’s play based on all the evidence I was given. Specific accusations are substantiated in later sections.

Paimon appears to recruit most of his subs over FurAffinity and Telegram. He finds new furries interested in leather jackets, hypnosis, or the greaser aesthetic, then comments on their fursona art and asks them to move to private conversation. According to a long-term sub of his, he preferentially recruits 18-year-olds, especially high school students.

In private chat, Paimon is inappropriately affectionate. In one log, he contacts someone, introduces himself, and says:

  • I want to heal your emotional wounds.
  • I want to make you feel loved.
  • I want to permanently convert you into a member of my greaser harem.
  • This is my fantasy.
  • Your skepticism has activated both my protective urges and my boner.

The person he contacts is not a hypnosub and says no. So, Paimon:

  • implies they are racist and prejudiced against autistic people.
  • says that if they were going to say no, they should have said it earlier.
  • apologizes and says he wants to be seen as a good person.

That person asks Paimon to unwatch them on FA and Paimon refuses.

When people say yes to Paimon, he invites them to his room. (the Greaserfurs telegram group) He encourages them to invent a greaser version of their character if they don’t already have one, and offers them free art or hypnosis as incentives.

Usually, when Paimon hypnotizes somebody, he will negotiate the content of the session, then ignore the negotiation in favor of isolating the person and performing conversion therapy. That specifically means:

  • Telling the person not to hang out with their existing friends and partners.
  • Telling the person they no longer care about their old interests.
  • Claiming and collaring the person.
  • Encouraging the person to enact their greaser character at all times.
  • Encouraging the person to present as masc if they were femme, NB, or genderfluid previously.
  • Telling the person that they’re in love with Paimon and want to do more play with him.
  • Telling the person they hate everyone other than Paimon.

In most cases, the attempts at conversion don’t really work, but the suggestions to love Paimon and become addicted to him do seem to stick. His most affected subjects show indications of discomfort: they do the greaser thing in a playful way when they’re having fun and a visibly tense way when they’re not having fun anymore, suggesting that they know this is a performance, they’d like to give it up, but they don’t know if they can or are supposed to.

After starting hypnosis, Paimon upgrades in-session suggestions to out-of-session ones by using them at inappropriate times. These have included “Master Paimon is always right” and “You belong to Master Paimon forever.”

Additionally, Paimon commonly installs three triggers for intentional out-of-session-use: “dimmer switch to 0,” which makes a person stupid and suggestible; “deep down, X,” which causes the subject to believe whatever he says after, and “[Master Pai is always right.]” which causes the subject to believe whatever is in the square brackets.

In some cases, he tries to excuse behavior involving these suggestions as roleplay that was misinterpreted, but his use of them appears intentional. He also uses elements of his sessions like triggers and spiral gifs to encourage people to be suggestible.

After upgrading in-session behavior to out-of-session behavior, he uses it during normal conversation to make subjects pliable to emotional manipulation. Then he tells them:

  • That “being a greaser” was their idea.
  • That “being a greaser” is their authentic self, and people who tell them not to are abusing them.
  • That they no longer want to interact with their friends and partners.
  • That he’s in love with them.

Sometimes, to support these claims, he claims to be a counselor.

In three sets of logs, after Paimon manipulates subjects into deserting their existing partners, he uses hypnosis to reinforce the idea that the other person was abusive and they were right to desert them.

Paimon almost always encourages his subjects to devote themselves to him in real life. He rarely refers to himself as a god around his subjects, but in one log, he refers to himself as a saint. He has privately admitted that he sees himself as a god and would like to be treated like one.

Most subjects have an understandably hard time keeping up with Paimon’s play, so they eventually leave.

When people leave him, he does any of the below:

  • threatening suicide and sends his other subs (especially Harley and Jackknife) to tell the person who left
  • non-consensual play that ends in joining him again
  • threatening to “shank” people who want to do him harm, or having Harley make those threats
  • spamming the leaving person with FA notes
  • sending a group of his subjects to pull the leaving person into a Telegram room and convince them not to go
  • contacting the leaving person to tell them that if there were any consent issues, they should have complained earlier

He’s obsessive about previous partners. In one case, after eight months of being blocked, he contacted someone five minutes after they unblocked him.

Many of the people I spoke to dated Paimon two or three times before giving him up, due to this behavior.

Play with minors

One of Paimon’s former subs says they never joined Greaserfurs, but Paimon solicited them repeatedly for hypnosis while they were under 18.

In this log, a sub named Blues says they were banned from Paimon’s NSFW room for revealing they were under 18:

Paimon let a 17-year-old into his NSFW room with knowledge that they were 17.

In these logs Paimon pretends not to know that a sub-18-year-old is under 18, and says they must have deleted the logs that would have told him.

This sub says those logs disappeared sometime after this conversation and it wasn’t their doing.

An FA user named Cherry, who is a 16-year-old from Germany, identified Paimon as his master on FurAffinity until December 2020.

Here is an archived view of his FA profile.

On the morning of December 17, I posted a mention of Cherry’s profile on Twitter. That evening, the profile text was scrubbed of references to Paimon.

I have spoken to Cherry since then.

He claims that he wrote this profile text without permission. He removed it because Paimon asked him to delete it.

Paimon then deleted their chat history “for safety.”

I asked Cherry how he and Paimon met.

He says that in June 2020, Paimon wrote him unsolicitedly on Discord, despite knowing he was a minor. They spoke for about two hours and Paimon invited him to join the Greaserfurs telegram group.

As of today, he says Paimon has had a lot of fifteen minute conversations with him on Telegram, but nothing intimate. About a month and a half ago, he says Paimon started saying he loves him, but not in a romantic way.

Currently, he doesn’t feel like he knows Paimon very well, and hasn’t subbed for him, but he wants to stay in contact until he turns 18, at which time he thinks he might join Paimon’s subgroup.

I have logs that contradict some elements of this story. In these logs, Paimon says that Cherry claiming to be his sub in public is fine, but several of Paimon’s subs object.

In response to that conversation, Paimon has Cherry edit his age out of his bio, but he replaces the text with something even more overtly submissive.

In these logs, Paimon tells Cherry what to say so that admins of another group will not think Paimon and Cherry had anything sexual going on.

Cherry also says he has known Paimon for two years — when he told me he met Paimon in June 2020.

Either he is lying in these logs, or he lied to me and actually met Paimon in 2018, when he was 14.

If he is telling the truth in these logs, then, since he joined the group in 2020, he must have known Paimon for over a year before he created his OC.

In another account I have, an anonymous sub does play with Paimon over an extended period, starting from when he is under 17.

Later, Paimon forwards him a DM from Jackknife saying to delete anything that “doesn’t go with the narrative” — the sub suggests “things that might be considered grooming?” and Paimon agrees. Paimon clarifies: “From before your birthday” and “I never wanted to groom you.”

In a verbose apology made after I posted Cherry’s page, Paimon said: “My intentions for chats had been for the SFW space to be one safe for all ages, so that people could be part of our community without having to be involved in sexual themes or kinkspaces. Beyond my intention things seemed to bleed through, and even if that were not the case, I can’t speak for how everyone else might have conducted themselves in PMs, or how teenagers might have internalized the wrong ideas or messages in their growth by dabbling in our games.”

This is an admission that grooming occurred.

Later, he added “My intentions were entirely innocent, but my innocence is not a child’s innocence.” This is an admission that he did things that were innocent in his mind, but not appropriate for children.

Manipulating people emotionally

Paimon admits that many subs feel extremely guilty when they’re done with him, but he doesn’t feel that it’s his fault.

In a public apology post made shortly after I started hinting that there would be a beware, Paimon said: “I understand my behavior makes it extremely difficult for people to trust my ability to take criticism and awkward conversations. I will make sure this changes. […] But often, the immensity of and freely given nature of my caring has made people feel exactly pressured like I said and feared. It’s called lovebombing.”

Two subs report that Paimon threatened suicide when they tried to leave. Here is one.

One sub says he accused them of abuse after they deleted the logs with him, blaming their memory issues. Another sub says that when they broke up with him, his boyfriend Harley threatened to shank them. Another sub says that when they broke up with him, Paimon spammed them with notes.

In one log, Paimon claims to be a relationship counselor and says “You should be you,” as a way of saying “you should be a greaser sub, and not the person you were before meeting me.”

One sub says that when Paimon asked them to dom him, he would constantly complain “you didn’t change my hair enough, I didn’t cum,” belittling them.

Violating negotiated boundaries

In one conversation, Paimon admits to pushing an unwilling sub to keep going so he could get off.

In these logs, after trying to convince someone to replace their partner with himself, Pai apologizes, claims he has to use sex to deal with his pain, then tries to use triggerplay to do the same thing again.

In one log, a sub says they no longer want to do play with him. Instead of taking “no” for an answer, he repeatedly explains how available he is should they ever change their mind, and how he’d always like them to be a part of his life.

Later, Paimon’s sub Harley nonconsensually hypnotizes them so they will come back to Paimon.

Dak on Twitter says Paimon convinced them to think of him as their boyfriend, even though they had explicitly said they were against that.

Several subs report that Paimon gave them triggers specifically to make them think they wanted or consented to something. Here is one, in a case where the sub tries to stop play and instead Paimon makes them switch roles:

This is usually a trigger that goes “Deep down, X” or “[When I talk in brackets, you agree with me.]”

One subject says Paimon, over multiple sessions, kept trying to get them to say they belonged to him, even though he had told Paimon in the negotiation not to do it. When they told Paimon not to, Paimon laughed at them.

Many subs report being claimed and greaserized without consent.

Isolating people

In one private log, there are clear screenshots of Paimon trying to convince a subject to abandon his partner for Paimon. Paimon claims to be a therapist.

In another log, Paimon says he is terrified of the idea of his subs getting partners because their partners might ultimately remove them from the relationship with Paimon. He uses triggerplay (the “you believe whatever I write in [square brackets]” trigger) to force them to agree, and to force them to think of their boyfriend as an enemy.

One subject says Paimon convinced his friend to break up with his IRL boyfriend. Another says Paimon convinced him to abandon his friend, then made him “crush” his friend in a hypno session.

Five or so subjects say Paimon tried to convince them to renounce their existing relationships, especially those with their partners. One of Paimon’s subs confirms that Paimon ended several of their relationships, but says they approve of it.

Usually, in addition to convincing people to abandon their partners, Paimon tries to replace them.

This pattern seems to be part of the same playtype as isolating people from everyone else: in one log, Paimon does both.

In other logs with the same person, he hypnotizes them and tells them to:

  • perform for their old friend group
  • explain that his fetish (greaserplay) is better than theirs (droneplay)
  • recruit their former friends to be his subs

Cult-like behavior

In the continuation of the previous set of logs, Paimon hypnotizes the subject and tells them they are nothing without him and that everything in the world other than Paimon, including them, is evil and bad.

In another set of logs, Paimon compares himself to a god and says he has no choice but to see himself like one.

In another log, Paimon describes himself to a concerned bystander as a “saint” in the religious sense.

In another set of logs, Paimon tells an ambiguous story where the punchline appears to be that he is God or possibly some kind of angel, not that he would know, but it means he can have sex with as many people as he wants.

On Twitter, Paimon’s former subject Vensolin says that after he criticized Paimon, Paimon’s friends put him into a telegram group, scolded him, and blasted him with evidence Paimon was innocent.

On Twitter, Paimon’s former subject Dak says that while he was in Paimon’s group, he tried to write a rebuttal against the idea that Paimon’s group was a cult. In the end, he ended up writing “… it’s not a BAD cult.”

Extremely unsafe play

Paimon claims that he once accidentally hypnotized someone into pulling a knife on their dad.

In another set of logs, he says he gets a boner for the idea of making his subs knife someone.

Several people say Paimon tried to delete their identity under trance, usually force-converting them into a greaser.

In one log, he asks one sub to change his OC into a greaser after that sub has already said no. That sub tries to compromise on a half-changed version of his OC, and Paimon continues soliciting him to change his OC the rest of the way, eventually hypnotizing him to force the issue.

Several people say that they were NB, trans female, or genderfluid, but then Paimon made them act hypermasculine instead. One person says this went on for three years.

One person claims Paimon did non-consensual split personality play.

“You solicited this.”

In an apologetic post, Paimon says “I tried to cater to everyone, and I still want to give everyone their time, but I was running myself ragged and agreeing to forms of play that weren’t good for either of us just out of guilt for otherwise neglecting people, which just compounded everything.”

This is incompatible with the fact that many previous subjects of Paimon reported that he sprung play on them without consent and violated their boundaries.

Sometimes Paimon does seek consent, but in one set of logs where he does, he asks for permanent conversion therapy play with someone who has never even been hypnotized. He approaches that sub with an intense description of his fantasies and says he immediately wants to put that play in practice.

Paimon often approaches subs after play to remind them that they consented. If they say they didn’t, he tries to prove that they didn’t technically say no, sends his subs to say they shouldn’t have complained, or otherwise says they’re to blame.

With one sub, he tried to get a “no” on “do you feel like I abused you?” before they were asked to testify against him later.

Later they did, and he pressured them to recant their testimony and leave their boyfriend.

“I don’t recruit.”

In an apologetic post, Paimon says “I don’t actively ‘recruit’ for people and kinda was relying on word of mouth. […] The newbies that have come in the past few months were either people on a waitlist or special exceptions I made on a friend’s recommendation.”

In this screencap from earlier this week, Paimon is tag-teaming a random person on FA who he found by looking at the FA page of someone who rejected his advances.

In addition to that, he claims to vet his community. In this screenshot, he invites Tech Coyote, a former Furry Raider and neonazi who can be seen posing in a Nazi uniform on video here.

One of the people I talked to says they warned Paimon and he replied that he didn’t care.

“They didn’t delete their logs, and if they did, they weren’t incriminating.”

In this image, Paimon makes fun of the idea that his subs keep deleting their logs with him out of trauma.

But in this screencap, Paimon claims that subs keep ghosting him and deleting their logs.

Three of Paimon’s subs say that it was Paimon who deleted their logs.

This includes Cherry below. (who still likes Paimon, and who previously misrepresented facts to present Paimon in a positive light)

“I’m disabled!”

Paimon claims to have numerous disabilities. According to various subs, he claims to have:

  • Autism
  • Memory issues
  • Not “feeling human”
  • Hyperempathy disorder
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia (sleeping once every nine days)
  • Prosopagnosia
  • Phantom limb syndrome
  • No sense of smell

Here are logs of him claiming to have hyperempathy disorder.

Here are logs of him claiming to sleep only once every nine days.

He uses these disabilities to guilt people into play. For instance, in one log with Vylraz, Paimon says he is in chronic pain and the only thing that can fix it is getting off, so Vylraz should ERP with him.

Vensolin claims he said the same thing to get people to change their OC designs, and occasionally IRL haircuts.

“I’m a relationship counselor.”

In these logs, he claims to be a trauma counselor with five years of experience dealing with rape.

In these logs, he claims to be a relationship counselor.

He makes the same claim in two other sets of logs.

Dak says he claimed to be a therapist.

In these logs, he tells one sub he is a teacher and another that he is a teacher and also an abuse counselor.

Most of Paimon’s mental health advice is idiosyncratic. Ordinarily, he doesn’t use any terms used by therapists; when he does try to use them, he uses them incorrectly. For instance, in this part of his apology, he defines “lovebombing” incorrectly.

He usually mentions his role as a therapist to pressure subs into agreeing with him about mental health advice, and in one case (quoted at the beginning of the section) to pressure people not to accuse him of abuse.

I took logs where Paimon offered counseling to his subs, then showed them to a friend who is an advanced trainee in therapeutic counseling. (This includes significant experience inside of a professional organization counseling actual clients.)

They said Paimon’s behavior is unacceptable in those logs, in that he has no way of knowing what’s really going on in his subject’s relationship, even though his subject appears to and offers thoughts. Paimon should not decide what should happen in the subject’s relationship, but he presses them to make changes in their life anyways.

They say that if Paimon is going to attempt to offer counseling, he should be accountable. That means revealing which professional bodies he is a member of and, for each membership, what level of membership that is, and what his membership number is.

They also say that he should not offer counseling without a bilateral agreement. Unilaterally saying “here, I’m going to give you counseling” as he does in the logs I sent is not appropriate. In professional counseling, both parties mutually agree on a specific change to work towards, and if the client gets cold feet, they need to explore why or adjust the goal itself, depending on what is appropriate.

They also say that “hyperempathy disorder” does not appear in the DSM-V. And they say that he should have developed strategies to manage his “pain disorder” without negatively impacting others.

They say that it is plausible that orgasms provide him with temporary pain relief and understand his wish to seek them out for this reason, but they do not believe it is ethically acceptable for him to coerce other people into becoming involved with him to achieve orgasm. He should be capable of achieving orgasm manually, without outside contact, so the involvement of non-consenting others should not be necessary.

They say that Paimon seems to force counseling on others so he can get something — sexual stimulation — in return. In counseling, it is usually appropriate for counselors to get something in return because that gives clients the self-esteem that they are providing something, whether that’s financial compensation or something else. But that part of the contract needs to be consensual and negotiated in advance.

Additionally, it’s inappropriate for a counselor’s client to compensate them with sex, because that creates a dual relationship. Money and services that can be issued without a relationship, like IT, are safer ground.

In the counseling industry, you need to maintain “good standing.” You have “good standing” unless you misbehave and your professional body hears about it, and then it’s investigated. Retaining good standing after a serious accusation is hard and professionally damaging.

My friend says that if he’s doing this sort of thing and doesn’t appear to be anxious about maintaining his good standing, that’s a red flag that he is not being honest about his credentials.

“A cult in Japan thinks I’m God. And also one in Arizona.”

He has told many subs that there was a cult in Japan that worshipped him as their god, cutting him and making him bleed for rituals. During this time, he was protected by an organization of greasers that kept him safe.

In two sets of logs, he repeats this claim in detail. Here is one. (starting with a redundant screencap; the rest is new)

This version adds the detail that a Baptist church in Arizona feels the same way.

Miscellaneous claims

In one set of logs, he claims his subs are protective of him because his mom threatened him with a gun on voice call once.

He hastily adds “And for other reasons.”

He repeats this claim in another set of logs, but isn’t using it for justification in that case.

For Voices of Hypnofurs and later for Vylraz’s wedding present, he claims to have recorded a voice cover of an anime OP. Actually, he actually downloaded a copy of the OP and pitched it down artificially.

Here are logs of him admitting that it happened in one case but not admitting that it was his fault.

In October 2018, he wrote Vylraz about Dak, accusing them of nonconsensual play, falsely accusing him of rape, and driving him almost to suicide.

However, he was interacting with Dak in a friendly way in May 2020.

Deleting evidence

Paimon told Cherry, a 16-year-old who claimed he was their master, to delete all references to Paimon from their FA page. He then deleted all the chat logs.

Previously mentioned: Paimon heavily pressured a sub to delete any conversations that looked like grooming in their past conversation history.

Another subject says Paimon told them to delete evidence of something else. I verified that they did delete that evidence. This happened close to the time when Paimon made Cherry delete evidence.

Several other subs with extra bad stories claim Paimon deleted their logs on Telegram, including one other sub who claims he did play with them while they were a minor.

Around four hours after I posted the beware, several Paimon subs received this DM:

Since I made this post, many of Paimon’s subs on Twitter have removed references to them from their bio: