You try to turn your head, but it doesn't move. Your lips open and nothing comes out.

Your breath is slowing. An unfamiliar feeling is rising into your spine. Despite your fear, your body is relaxing.

I rest my finger on your chin and red floods to your cheeks.

"Cling to my body."

You press your face to mine. I'm cold. Except for the eyes, I look like I may be dead.

I show you an earnest, fanged smile. The wing on your back incapacitates you all together. I open my jaw, your mouth falls open, and a column of drool runs down to your feet.

Or that's the idea, mortal. Don't run — it's just me, Nyeogmi! I've got big green eyes for hypnotizing people, long pointy teeth for biting them —

Gaze real deep and I'll teach you some color theory!